JOOLA Table Tennis Statement

Rampant misinformation about the Coronavirus has led to a global uptick in xenophobic comments and attacks towards people of Asian descent. This type of behavior has affected members of the table tennis community, including members of Team JOOLA. COVID-19 is not a joking matter; thousands of lives have been directly affected by this disease. JOOLA Table Tennis wants to make it very clear that we will not stand for any kind of racism or bullying. One of the best things about our sport is that it is often played in communal settings and team formats, giving participants opportunities to meet a diverse community of people. Inspired by this, inclusion is one of the main pillars of the JOOLA brand. We hope that everyone can unite around a mutual passion for table tennis and continue to create an inclusive community that supports one another. We ask that you join us in denouncing this kind of ignorant behavior.

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