JOOLA Premium Line blades are created using premium materials and with an absolute attention to craftsmanship. Our innovative composite materials are sourced from Japan. Handles, the most important connection to the blade, are imported from Italy. Final assembly is completed in South Korea with impeccable attention to detail. We employ high-tech manufacturing techniques such as computer-controlled routing, proprietary sanding methods, and unprecedented quality control. What you get when you use one of our JOOLA Premium Line blades will thoroughly impress you!


JOOLA Professional Line blades utilize innovative technologies, high-quality materials, and first-rate craftsmanship to create blades that will truly propel your game to the next level.


JOOLA Performance Line blades are tried and true classics with proven playing characteristics that suit the needs of modern table tennis.


JOOLA Progressive Line blades are a great starting point for entry-level players who are ready to get serious about their game. These blades utilize straightforward technologies to create accessible playability.


JOOLA Precision Line blades are specifically designed for modern defensive specialists. These high-quality blades utilize unique veneer combinations to craft an unparalleled defensive game.