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JOOLA Primo Pickleballs

SKU 18570

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  • Class: Outdoor
  • Size: 74MM
  • Weight: 26g

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  • USAPA-Approved

    These USAPA-approved tournament outdoor pickleball balls empower players to play their best anywhere, anytime.

  • Consistent Bounce

    Each ball features 40 precision-drilled holes to minimize the wobbling effect. Designed for an exceptional and consistent bounce you can rely on during play. Compatible with pickleball machines.

  • All-Weather Play

    Polyethylene material performs consistently in warmer climates and naturally hardens in lower temperatures to resist cracking and deforming. Designed to reduce the impact of the wind to create a predictable and consistent trajectory.

  • Durable & Long-Lasting

    The JOOLA Primo Ball is a rotationally molded one-piece ball specifically formulated with a durable polyethylene material.