All wood. all power.

The JOOLA Xylo series brings the unique advantages of an all wood blade to the forefront of competition. The touch felt from an all wood construction creates an experience of being one with the blade. Through the use of superior materials and unique veneer combinations, the JOOLA Xylo series gives players the classic all wood feel of the game, with modern day speed.



The JOOLA Xylo 5 is an innovative all wood blade designed for the top player! This 5-ply blade consists of a Kiri core with Ayous inner layers, which provide the perfect amount of control and feedback. What makes this blade special is its “toasted” Hinoki outer veneer. A special heating technique ensures the Hinoki has a higher stiffness for speed, and an overall balance and consistency for the whole blade. If you’re looking for control, precision, and an all-natural feel, the JOOLA Xylo 5 is the perfect choice for you!


I’ve had very fast blades that are 5-ply all wood all my life and Xylo 5 can be considered on one of the top offensive 5-ply blades.

HINOKI Top Layer

HINOKI, a highly sought-after premium Japanese wood, is often recognized by its rich, straight grain. This wood is characteristically soft with a bit of bounce and creates a one-of-a-kind touch that increases dwell-time for extra spin and control. In the JOOLA Xylo 5, the HINOKI veneers were “toasted” using an innovative heating technique to increase the blade’s speed by enhancing the wood’s stiffness.


Native to Africa, AYOUS perfectly offsets the weight of the Hinoki outer veneers with its lightness and has great strength-to-weight ratio. Due to the wood’s naturally larger pores, it maintains elastic characteristics that make it ideal for close-to-the-table play.


Durable and hard, yet still lightweight, KIRI is utilized as the core veneer and is the key to maintaining the blade’s overall balance. This stiffer wood reduces vibration and is great for taking those direct shots.



The 7-ply JOOLA Xylo 7 uses Limba as the top layer, which is perfect for direct and powerful topspin play. The inner layers are all comprised of softer Ayous, which provides feeling & feedback on all your shots. The JOOLA Xylo 7 is perfect for the offensive player that prefers the touch of an all wooden blade!

LIMBA Top Layer

Recognized by its pale color and darker grain, LIMBA is a soft and durable wood. The LIMBA outer veneers provide excellent feeling and a higher trajectory on your shots. The increased feedback and control is perfect for modern topspin play. An added bonus of LIMBA is its great acoustic properties. It creates an extremely satisfying sound that’ll remind you of your love for the game.


Endemic to Africa, AYOUS is the perfect choice for crafting a lightweight 7-ply blade. The wood’s larger pores result in elastic characteristics that make it an ideal component for close-to-the-table play. Due to its lightness, elasticity, and excellent strength-to-weight ratio, it’s well-balanced and capable of producing faster shots with high controllability and accuracy.