Talkin’ Smash Ep5: Lily Zhang on Overcoming Serve Receive Challenges

Lily Zhang talks serve receive in Episode 5 of Talkin' Smash Podcast

Lily Zhang has written numerous great blog posts with insights into her personal competition experience. One of the more recent ones in 2023 described her serve receive challenges in high level matches. You can read the article here.

Competing from Contender to Grand Smash, Lily Zhang has seen every level of the sport. A 3-time US Olympian in table tennis, and a player who has taken on the world’s absolute top players.

Lily has often highlighted how big a difference serve receive has made in her ability to get into matches, and to convert results. Especially under pressure to get off to a good start in a match – sometimes it can be over before you have adjusted.

During the podcast we first talked about how important it is to develop serve receive. We also traded ideas on what to look for when you aren’t sure about the spin on a serve. Lily shared a really useful tip about watching the bounce of the ball when you really aren’t certain about how the ball has been contacted. This is especially useful against players with tricky serve actions.

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