Talkin’ Smash Ep7: Sophia Klee’s Bold Physical and Mental Comeback from Injury

Sophia Klee talks comeback from injury in sports on Ep7 of Talkin' Smash

Making a comeback from injury as a professional athlete can be a painstaking and challenging process. I spoke with one of Germany’s top table tennis players – Sophia Klee, about her journey back from injury.

In the beginning of 2022 Sophia suffered a rather unusual injury in the world of table tennis. During a bundesliga match when she was playing doubles, Sophia broke her knee cap. Don’t worry, that sent a jolt up my spine when I heard it first too.

There are many aspects of being injured in professional sport. From the initial injury, to the prospect of surgery and of not playing table tennis for an extended time, . Sophia spoke about having to watch her teammates continue to improve and compete. She touched on her concerns about falling behind.

This was at a time when she had graduated from school after juggling her education and great success as a cadet and junior player in Europe.

While fortune struck and surgery wasn’t needed, there was still physical rehabilitation to navigate. Attitude was important. Sophia gave some great commentary on the road to comeback from injury, as well as thoughts on how to move forward and get back into table tennis afterwards. She was also very gracious to discuss this topic and her personal journey.

This 7th episode of the Talkin’ Smash Podcast also probably has my favourite Break Segment in so far, which I called The Bank Heist. Watch the full episode below!

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