Talkin’ Smash Podcast Ep3: Kevin Finn on the Lack of Commitment to Physical Training

Physical Trainer Kevin Finn in Episode 3 of the Talkin' Smash Podcast

The third episode of the Talkin’ Smash Podcast powered by JOOLA features host Matt Hetherington and physical trainer and Peak Performance Table Tennis Coach Kevin Finn.

Kevin Finn is a certified strength and conditioning coach and table tennis player using his skills to try and bring both worlds together. He builds physical training programs for table tennis players and other athletes and recently became an author with his book “Peak Performance Table Tennis: Unlock Your Potential and Play Like the Pros”.

We spoke at length about the lack of commitment and discipline when it comes to athletes and their physical training schedules in table tennis. Many players think playing on the table is enough, some go for runs, and every now and then do weights. It’s not enough.

The other interesting part of this podcast was covering common misconceptions in table tennis. One being the common myth that lifting weights and building muscle is bad for table tennis players. Kevin was the perfect guest to have to really set the record straight in these areas!

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About the Talkin’ Smash Podcast:

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