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Dekel Bar Joins Forces with Team JOOLA

Dekel Bar Joins Forces with JOOLA Pickleball

Welcoming Dekel Bar to Team JOOLA

Top pickleball professional, Dekel Bar, is set to join the JOOLA roster for the 2024 season. Currently ranked at #16 in the world in Men’s Doubles, and #15 in Mixed Doubles, Bar is a huge addition to the JOOLA team.


Before his pickleball career, Dekel Bar spent six years as a professional tennis player in his home country of Israel. During his six years, Bar etched his name among the top ranks in Israel on the ATP circuit. His achievements included reaching #3 in Israel’s rankings, #370 in ATP doubles, and #570 in ATP singles.

Shortly after, Bar discovered pickleball thanks to his longtime friends and pickleball sensations, Ben and Collin Johns. Embracing the sport as a new challenge, Bar swiftly transitioned to pickleball and turned pro in 2018. Due to Bar’s 6’3” stature combined with incredible athleticism; Bar quickly became one of the most powerful players in the sport. Bar is most well known for having the biggest serve on tour, while also being able to leap from various ends of the court for a bert/erne.

Beyond his achievements on court, Bar is also an entrepreneur. Alongside friends Ben and Collin Johns, Bar co-owns two pickleball related businesses: Pickleball 360, and Pickleball Getaways. Pickleball 360 is an instructional video subscriptions service, while Pickleball Getaways helps to coordinate all-inclusive vacations fused with pickleball instruction.

The 2024 Season:

The excitement around Bar’s inclusion in Team JOOLA has skyrocketed as he prepares to make his mark in the 2024 season. This comes with the announcement that Bar will be joining forces with new Team JOOLA addition, Tyson McGuffin. We look forward to this new partnership and expect them to make big waves on the PPA tour. Catch Dekel and Tyson in action for the first time this year at the PPA Masters in Palm Springs, California starting 1/10.

Dekel Bar posing
Dekel Bar Joins Team JOOLA


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