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JOOLA Pickleball welcomes Lea Jansen

JOOLA Signs Lea Jansen

We are thrilled to welcome Lea Jansen to Team JOOLA!

Lea’s pickleball journey began back when she was in graduate school. With extra time on her hands and seeing more and more posts about pickleball on social media, she reached out to local pro Andrea Koop who was also one of the tournament directors of the 2019 Beer City Open. Lea participated in the tournament and has hardly taken a day off since.

Now a staple on the pro circuit, Lea has gathered many notable achievements to her name. Her breakthrough tournament was the 2021 US Open where she secured a silver medal in women’s pro singles. She went on to secure an APP Triple Crown later that year and her career has only taken off since. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store!

When not competing, Lea enjoys being active outdoors, vegan cooking and spending time with her dogs, family and friends.

Welcome to the Team, Lea!

Lea plays with the JOOLA Solaire CFS 14mm.


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