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Kou Lei plays at the JOOLA North American Teams Table Tennis Tournament

JOOLA Table Tennis Team Tournament Continues to Level Up for the Players

The 2023 JOOLA North American Team Championships is the premier table tennis team tournament in the Americas. In it’s 25th year, we continue to try and improve the experience for all players participating. That’s why, for the first time ever, JOOLA are happy to announce that in 2023 we are going all in.

276 teams and over 1100 players are ready for three days of intense competition. The Gaylord National Harbour Convention and Hotel in Washington, DC will host again. The tournament typically for years provided professional rubberized flooring for divisions 1 and 2.

Last year we made the commitment to add 2 more divisions of floored courts. We expanded our coverage of pro flooring to 71 total tables. The feedback on this decision was very positive from the tournament participants.

This year we are going all the way. Yes, that’s right…ALL of the 167 tables, will have professional rubberized flooring. That means that the bar is raised for players in every division from top to bottom.

We know how much of a difference the conditions make for the players. That is why it was important for us to make this change to provide the best conditions for our tournament.

2023, after a quarter of a century, will hopefully be another strong reminder of why the JOOLA North American Team Championships is one of the best table tennis team tournaments in the world!

There will be livestreaming for the quarterfinals through to the grand finale, with some strong teams leading the charge. We are fortunate to have high level players competing from China, Korea, France, Sweden, Poland and many more!

You can see all of the players and team entries here on the NATT Event homepage: Entry List



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