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Romero Britto x JOOLA Pickleball

JOOLA Announces Exciting Partnership with Renowned Brazilian Artist, Romero Britto

JOOLA, a leading brand in the world of sports and recreation, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Brazilian artist, Romero Britto. Known for his vibrant and uplifting artwork, Britto has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique fusion of cubism, pop art, and graffiti painting.


Romero Britto's journey from a humble upbringing in Recife, Brazil, to becoming a celebrated artist is nothing short of inspiring. His work, characterized by bold patterns and vivid colors, serves as a powerful expression of hope, dreams, and happiness. Having studied art in Europe and drawn inspiration from masters like Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, Britto's artistic accomplishments has left a permanent mark on the global art scene.

Joining forces with JOOLA:

In a groundbreaking collaboration, JOOLA is teaming up with Romero Britto to create an exclusive line of products and accessories, with a focus on custom-designed pickleball paddles. The collaboration aims to bring Britto's distinctive artistic style to the world of sports and recreation, adding a touch of joy and creativity to the game of pickleball.

"We are proud to partner with Romero Britto, an artist whose work resonates with people across cultures and continents. The fusion of JOOLA's expertise in sports equipment and Britto's iconic artistic style has developed into a unique and exciting product line" said Tom Nguyen, Chief Marketing Officer, at JOOLA.

Romero Britto's designs have previously adorned products for major brands such as Disney, BMW, IBM, Apple, Pepsi, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. According to a 2023 documentary, Britto is hailed as "the most collected and licensed artist in history." His public art installations at prominent locations like Hyde Park in London, the O2 Arena in Berlin, and John F. Kennedy Airport showcase the global reach and impact of his work. To learn more about Romero Britto and view his work, visit his website

The exclusive JOOLA x Romero Britto pickleball paddle collection features bright, positive imagery that reflects Britto's signature style. These pieces are more than just sports equipment; they are wearable art, embodying the essence of fun and creativity. To learn more about the collaboration of Romero Britto and JOOLA Pickleball, click here

Romero Britto x JOOLA Pickleball
Romero Britto x JOOLA Pickleball


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