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Vulcan Tournament of Champions

Triple Crown Triumphs: Dominant Performances Shine in Vulcan Tournament of Champions


The Vulcan Tournament of Champions was marked by intense matches and remarkable skill displays. Let's explore action-packed matches with thrilling victories, leading to two Triple Crown performances.

Wednesday - Men's Singles:

Men's Singles kicked off the Vulcan Tournament of Champions, with more than a few three-set thrillers taking place.The energy surged in men's singles quarterfinals when Connor Garnett met Christian Alshon. Despite a setback of 8-11, Garnett rallied back with triumphs of 11-5 and 11-6, securing a semifinal spot.Garnett's journey continued in a semifinal against Federico Staksrud, where his resilience shone. The three-game battle ended 12-10, 6-11, and an exhilarating 14-12.On the opposite side, Tyson McGuffin faced newcomer Chris Haworth in semis. McGuffin's experience was evident, clinching his spot with scores of 11-8 and 11-7.The grand finale saw Tyson McGuffin against Connor Garnett. McGuffin's prowess was clear, clinching the title, securing the first game at 11-6. The second game was a nail-biter, but McGuffin's skill guided him to victory at 12-10. This marked McGuffin's first step towards a triple crown. In the bronze medal match, Federico Staksrud dominated, winning 11-1 and 11-2 over Haworth.

Wednesday - Women's Singles

With several key singles players absent from the draw, Catherine Parenteau seized her chance to claim the first of her three gold medals for the weekend. In the semifinals, Parenteau faced off against Lauren Stratman, securing her final spot with authoritative victories of 11-4 and 11-5.On the other side, Salome Devidze triumphed over Irina Tereschenko, securing her place in the final with scores of 11-7 and 11-3.The championship match set the stage for a riveting battle between Catherine Parenteau and Salome Devidze. Parenteau's dominance was evident, capturing the first game at 11-2. Devidze mounted a comeback in the second game, but Parenteau's skill prevailed, securing the title with an 11-6 score. This victory marked Parenteau's first medal on her journey towards a weekend triple crown.

Thursday - Mixed Doubles:

Next up at the Vulcan Tournament of Champions was the Mixed Doubles category, though a few injuries impacted play. In the quarterfinals, Catherine Parenteau and Tyson McGuffin faced off against Callie Smith and Jay Devilliers. After an initial setback of 8-11, Parenteau and McGuffin rebounded strongly, capturing the next two games at 11-1 and 11-8, ensuring their place in the semifinals.Another captivating quarterfinal featured Jessie Irvine and Riley Newman against Meghan Sheehan-Dizon and Julian Arnold. Irvine and Newman showcased their prowess, securing a convincing victory with scores of 11-4 and 11-8. In the semifinals, Parenteau and McGuffin continued their impressive journey against Jessie Irvine and Riley Newman. Following a triumphant first game at 11-6, they faced formidable opposition, losing the second game at 9-11. However, their resolve was unyielding in the third game, where they emerged victorious with a decisive 11-1, securing their spot in the final.In the opposite semifinal, Tina Pisnik and Pat Smith squared off against Andrea Koop and an injured Zane Navratil. Pisnik and Smith displayed remarkable skill, clinching victory with scores of 11-8 and 11-1.The championship match witnessed Parenteau and McGuffin against Tina Pisnik and Pat Smith. The former duo dominated, securing the first game at 11-7 and the second at 11-5. Unfortunately, due to Smith's concussion, Pisnik/Smith were forced to concede, ultimately granting Parenteau and McGuffin the championship title.

Friday - Men's Doubles

The men's doubles category delivered riveting matches, even in the absence of Ben and Collin Johns. In the quarterfinals, AJ Koller and Riley Newman faced Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson. Koller and Newman demonstrated their prowess, securing victory with scores of 11-6 and a tense 14-12 in the second game.Another thrilling quarterfinal saw Connor Garnett and Christian Alshon pitted against Federico Staksrud and Pablo Tellez. In a closely contested encounter, Garnett and Alshon emerged triumphant with scores of 12-10 and 12-10.The semifinals showcased fierce competition. James Ignatowich and Tyson McGuffin faced off against Connor Garnett and Christian Alshon. Ignatowich and McGuffin exhibited their skills, clinching victory with scores of 11-6 and 11-3. AJ Koller and Riley Newman showcased their determination in a hard-fought semifinal against Jay Devilliers and Pat Smith, eventually securing victory with scores of 8-11, 11-9, and 11-3.The championship final set the stage for an intense showdown: Tyson McGuffin and James Ignatowich against AJ Koller and Riley Newman. Koller and Newman initially surged ahead, securing the first two games at 11-5 and 11-4. However, McGuffin and Ignatowich orchestrated a stunning comeback, clinching the next three games with scores of 11-0, 11-7, and 11-8. Their extraordinary determination and seamless teamwork culminated in a remarkable victory, cementing their status as tournament champions. Notably, this triumph marked the completion of the Triple Crown for Tyson McGuffin, making him only the second male player in history to achieve this feat.

Friday - Women's Doubles

The Women's Doubles category delivered exhilarating matches, with tightly contested duels across the draw. Quarterfinal action saw Catherine Parenteau and Parris Todd facing Jade Kawamoto and Jackie Kawamoto. In a closely fought match, Parenteau and Todd prevailed with scores of 11-13, 11-8, and 11-5.Hurricane Tyra Black and Anna Bright rebounded in their quarterfinal, overcoming Maggie Brascia and Mary Brascia with a scoreline of 2-11, 11-1, and 11-8. Callie Smith and Allyce Jones displayed remarkable resilience, overcoming a shaky start against Tina Pisnik and Andrea Koop, securing victory with scores of 1-11, 11-7, and 11-8.In the semifinals, Parenteau and Todd continued their strong performance against Jessie Irvine and Lea Jansen, securing victory with scores of 11-9 and 11-5. Callie Smith and Allyce Jones demonstrated their determination once again, prevailing in a closely contested match against Hurricane Tyra Black and Anna Bright, with scores of 14-12 and 11-7.The final showdown witnessed Catherine Parenteau and Parris Todd against Callie Smith and Allyce Jones. After a competitive start, Smith and Jones secured the first game at 8-11. Nevertheless, Parenteau and Todd mounted a spirited comeback, showcasing their skill and synergy to clinch victory with scores of 11-5, 11-5, and a commanding 11-1 in the fourth game. This victory secured the Triple Crown for Catherine Parenteau, resulting in a "Double Triple Crown" weekend alongside Tyson McGuffin.In the bronze medal match, Hurricane Tyra Black and Anna Bright displayed their strength, defeating Jessie Irvine and Lea Jansen with scores of 11-7 and 11-7.

Next up:

Both tours are in action this weekend as the PPA Tour heads to Kansas City for the Vulcan Kansas City Open. The APP Tour heads to Pennsylvania for the APP Philadelphia Open.

Player Equipment:

Federico Staksrud: Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16Anna Bright: Anna Bright Scorpeus CFS 14Allyce Jones: Anna Bright Scorpeus CFS 14Pat Smith: Ben Johns Perseus CFS 14

Medal Stand:

Federico Staksrud: Bronze - Men's SinglesAnna Bright: Bronze - Women's DoublesAllyce Jones: Silver - Women's DoublesPat Smith: Silver - Mixed Doubles
Allyce Jones Shines in Action-Packed Vulcan Tournament of Champions


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