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JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus 3 14mm Pickleball Paddle

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  • Propulsion Core

    The patent-pending propulsion core allows for explosive power on drives, counters, and speed ups, but with refined feel and control on resets, drops and dinks.

  • Charged Carbon Surface

    An additive bonding treatment that strengthens the surface of the paddle to provide a crisper feel with greater energy return. Results in impressive feedback with a poppier response.

  • Feel-Tec Pure Grip

    Offers a tacky feel for enhanced grip while also providing optimal comfort and increased shock absorption.

  • Gradient Edge Shield

    Comes equipped with an enhanced, vibrant, colorful edge guard protection to help strengthen the solidity of the paddle core and help keep the surface from delaminating.

  • Elongated Shape

    A longer hitting surface combined with a shorter handle for added power and reach.

  • NFC Chip Accessible

    Unlock the JOOLA experience with NFC chip-enabled pickleball paddles. Tap your phone to the handle to authenticate your paddle and unlock an exclusive product experience through JOOLA Connect.

  • Hyperfoam Edge Wall

    Specialized foam injected into the perimeter of the paddle adding weight and stability, increasing the sweet spot for consistent edge to edge performance

  • Carbon Friction Surface

    Our CFS technology utilizes a more advanced, durable, longer lasting Carbon-Flex5 textured surface, harnessing raw power while providing maximum spin.

  • Reactive Honeycomb Core

    Specially tuned for the high-level player to maximize the consistency of the bounce and feel necessary for every shot.

  • Carbon-Framed Design

    Fully encased Carbon frame for increased strength and durability.

  • Sweet-Spot Optimized Shape

    Specially engineered paddle shape provides a larger sweet spot for optimal hitting feel and performance