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JOOLA Joins Forces with Picklemall in Tempe, Arizona

JOOLA Joins Forces with Picklemall in Tempe, Arizona


Escape the Arizona heat:

Tempe, Arizona has become home to a twenty-six court indoor pickleball facility – Picklemall. Picklemall has taken over an empty retail space in a mall to create a unique pickleball facility. The concrete flooring is overlayed with Pickleroll to create 26 individual pickleball courts. Additionally, JOOLA barriers enclose all 26 courts to keep the balls from flying from court to court. The 26 courts umbrella classic pickleball courts, courts with stadium seating, and even a separate “drilling court” off to the side. Most courts even come equipped with a replay feature that allows you to record and save your epic points.

Picklemall x JOOLA:

JOOLA and Picklemall have joined forces to create the ultimate playing experience. Within Picklemall you can find a small assortment of JOOLA paddles available for demo and purchase. They even offer a custom branded JOOLA x Picklemall paddle suitable for beginners or casual players. Apart from retail goods, each court at Picklemall is equipped with JOOLA Pro Nets as well as JOOLA court barriers to give your play a more professional feel. You may even run into some local JOOLA sponsored athletes such as Wil Shafer, Rachel Rettger, or Jack Loughridge.

Compete for Cash:

Aside from being able to book a court to drill or play with your friends, Picklemall offers a variety of drills and leagues. However, the most popular of these offerings has to be the “Vizual Spots Cash Games”. The Vizual Spots Cash Games are small, half-day tournaments that allow you to compete for cash. The tournament categories range from combined DUPR (Example: DUPR 8, DUPR 9), Open, Mixed Open, and even Singles. Whether you’d like to play or watch, the next VS Cash Game will be held on May 11th and 12th. With full brackets, this could be the largest cash game yet – with over 300 players amongst all categories and 10k in cash prizes. To find more info, or to sign up for the next cash game visit


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