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JOOLA USAP Press Release

Official JOOLA Gen3 Update as of June 5, 2024

We were extremely disappointed to learn of USA Pickleball’s (USAP) decision to remove JOOLA’s Gen3 paddles from the Approved Paddles list.  JOOLA has worked for weeks to come to a mutually agreeable resolution with USAP and views this decision as unfortunate for the sport of pickleball.

While we are confident the current Gen3 paddles are materially and structurally the same as those approved by USAP in September 2023 and therefore comply with USAP standards, we care deeply about our customers and the inconvenience and confusion the USAP decision has caused. To demonstrate our commitment, we are offering full refunds for customers who purchased any Gen3 paddles between April 16 and June 15, 2024. For customers who purchased from our retail and e-commerce partners during that same timeframe, we are facilitating a process for refunds through them. 

While JOOLA’s primary focus is responding to our customers on this issue, we also have a responsibility to advocate for the sport. Pickleball players value access to technology-forward, next-generation paddles designed within USAP standards, and JOOLA’s reputation for innovation is represented by more than 40 approved paddles currently on the market.  

We plan to dispute USAP’s decision to remove Gen3 paddles from the list, and the process employed to do so, in forthcoming legal proceedings.

We thank our community for its ongoing support as we continue to advocate for our people, products, and the sport of pickleball. 

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