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Ben Johns Champ Sunday Outfits

Pickleball Fashion: Ben Johns' Top 5 Championship Sunday Looks

The Style of Ben Johns

Ben Johns isn't just a pickleball legend for his incredible skills—he’s also known for his standout style on the court. Sporting the latest JOOLA apparel, Ben's outfits combine performance and fashion, making him a trendsetter in the pickleball world. From sharp shirts to cutting-edge shorts, he always looks the part while dominating matches on the PPA Tour. Let's dive into the top five JOOLA outfits that Ben Johns rocks on Championship Sunday, showing how he keeps things cool and stylish while playing his best game.

#5: PPA Texas Open (Mixed Doubles)

Ben Johns PPA Texas Open

Coming in at #5 is Ben's PPA Texas Open outfit. Ben matches his Ben Johns React T-shirt (blue graphite), with some patterned shorts. To protect from the Texas, he accessorizes with his UV arm sleeves. Ben sported this outfit to grab a gold medal in Mixed Doubles alongside Anna Leigh Waters. 

#4: PPA Texas Open (Singles)

PPA Texas Open - Singles Ben Johns

Ben's fourth best outfit was also featured at the PPA Texas Open during his singles performance. Here, Ben pairs his Ben Johns React Polo (nobility blue) with his JOOLA Ben Johns Cool Shorts (Fuchsia Red). The pairing of the vibrant colors is evened out with a white Perseus Hat, sported backwards. 

#3: PPA Masters

Coming in at Ben's #3 Championship Sunday look is his PPA Masters look. To match the theme of the entire tournament, Ben features his "Wimbledon Whites". He pairs his white Ben Johns React T-shirt with his Fluid Shorts. Luckily, his white Perseus Hat is a staple of his Championship Sunday look which he pairs to his UV sleeves. We love this iconic white look that pops with the green courts. 

#2: PPA Los Angeles Open

Ben Johns PPA LA Open

Falling just short of the top spot is Ben's PPA LA Open look. To capture the gold medal in Men's Doubles alongside his brother, Johns sports this vibrant blue look. He swaps the pinks shorts for a more simple black short (Ben Johns Fluid Short) to match his brother. He matches his UV arm sleeves to his Perseus hat to tie it all together.

#1: PPA Sacramento Open

Ben Johns PPA Sacramento

Finally, Ben Johns' number one Championship Sunday look was featured at the PPA Sacramento Open. Johns went with a simple and sleek all black and white look to match his partner. He sports the Ben Johns React Polo in white and pairs it with the Ben Johns Fluid Shorts in black. To accessorize, he matches his UV arm sleeves and Perseus hat to his shirt. Not only does this white outfit help keep him cool under the hot sun, but its timeless style ensures it will be remembered for years to come.


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