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JOOLA Teams - the biggest table tennis tournament in the USA

The Biggest Table Tennis Tournament in the USA Reaches New Heights

It’s one of the table tennis community’s favorite events of the year and the biggest table tennis tournament in the USA. It’s a time when hundreds of table tennis players descend upon the Gaylord National Harbor Convention and Hotel to share their thanksgiving weekend with each other and the sport we all love, and this year it is bigger than ever.

An incredible 270 teams from across the US and abroad will host over 1100 table tennis players. The scale of this year’s event is unparalleled, with 167 playing courts, and 71 tables with fully floored courts – meaning extra divisions with rubberized flooring!

The JOOLA Team have been working hard to prepare for this year’s event, with last year’s innovative automated tournament system coming back for this instalment. This tool allows teams to check-in, check draws and ties and input results all online through a personal device, a system which had great success in our last team tournament.

The tournament will host some exceptional matches with a tightly contested field of top teams from around the US, and players from overseas. Kou Lei and Eugene Wang join forces again to take a shot at defending their 2021 team title, but they will be pressed by the likes of Marcos Madrid, Romain Lorentz, Daniel Gonzales and a host of top resident table tennis players like Tao Wenzhang, US Olympians Zhou Xin and Nikhil Kumar, and many more.

The JOOLA Teams competition continues to be the premier team based competition on the continent, with an incredible atmosphere at a special time of the year. Players fight their way through three days of intense matches, some playing dozens of individual matches over the weekend – a diehard table tennis player’s dream.

We are looking forward to bringing even more improvements to the tournament in the coming years to continue providing the best experience for the players who travel from far and wide to be a part of this tradition.

The Team at JOOLA look forward to seeing you all soon, in what is going to be our biggest and best JOOLA North American Team Championships so far!


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