Team JOOLA Thrilled to Sign Chinese National Team Star Zhou Qihao

Zhou Qihao

The World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, USA concluded with JOOLA ushering in an exciting new member of Team JOOLA: Rising star of the Chinese National Team, Zhou Qihao (周启豪). An emerging name in the world of table tennis, Zhou signed an equipment sponsorship contract with JOOLA and has chosen to use a JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze blade and JOOLA Dynaryz ZGR rubber combination.

“We are delighted to welcome such a high-caliber player to Team JOOLA and to have him put his trust in our products as he continues his journey to becoming one of the world’s best table tennis players,” said JOOLA President Richard Lee. “Zhou Qihao is on the path to accomplishing great things. We strongly believe in him and are humbled to be by his side, supporting him as he builds his legacy.”

Zhou was most notably the 2021 Champion of the All-Star Chinese WTT and Olympic Simulation Trials, where he defeated Grand Slam Champion Ma Long in the semifinals and went on to defeat current World Champion Fan Zhendong in the finals match. Zhou has been able to go toe-to-toe with the absolute best Chinese players in the world and is now venturing into the international table tennis scene.

“I am incredibly happy to join Team JOOLA. After trying JOOLA’s products and meeting their team, I believe this partnership will help me take the next step in pursuing my goals to win the highest-level tournaments in the world,” said Zhou, after the signing in Houston.

As JOOLA continues to innovate and further establish itself in the table tennis community, the team is ecstatic to be collaborating with an athlete from the Chinese National Team and looks forward to seeing Zhou Qihao’s progress on the world stage. The JOOLA team hopes the new partnership and support will have a positive impact on Zhou’s career and help him advance in his goals.

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