Table Tennis Brand JOOLA Goes All in on Pickleball, Signs #1 Player in the World Ben Johns


Rockville, MD: One of the leading table tennis brands in the world is journeying into the world of pickleball. JOOLA, the official sponsor of three Summer Games and countless top-level international table tennis players and events have gone from diehard pickleball fans to now partnering with the world’s top pickleball player, Ben Johns.

Ben Johns, has been the face of pickleball and his name has been synonymous with the growing sport ever since he turned pro. His accolades on the pickleball circuit are well-known, but not many are aware of the background that drew him onto common ground with JOOLA.

Johns grew up in Maryland just a skip away from JOOLA’s Global Headquarters in Maryland, and as a youth played table tennis in a local JOOLA Sponsored Club. It’s no surprise that with his talent for racket sports, he also has a fair amount of skill with a table tennis paddle.

The JOOLA Team’s growing excitement for pickleball led the way, while JOOLA Pickleball came to life on the sidelines. The leadership team plays 4-5 times a week, before work, during lunch and after work even in a single day.

“The minute we discovered we loved playing pickleball, the business ideas came straight away. After seeing how our table tennis skills crossed over on the pickleball court, we knew our brand and tech know-how could make us a great pickleball company,” said JOOLA President Richard Lee.

It was only a matter of time before JOOLA and Ben were connected, and a serious interest in tech and innovation paved the way for plenty of engaging discussion about what would make the perfect pickleball paddle.

“What really struck us about Ben was how involved he became in the process of creating our line. He just has an incredible mind for creating products that produce better play,” said Lee. The result is a full line of equipment that is highlighted by the Ben Johns Hyperion Series.

A strong focus on building community relationships and focusing on the needs of athletes has been paramount in the story of JOOLA, a story which Ben Johns is excited to be a part of.

“The sport is growing, the competition is getting better, and the visibility has never been higher. What I needed was a team, and that’s exactly what we are building together at JOOLA,” says Johns.

With a global reach and decades of product development experience in the sport of table tennis, JOOLA hopes it can bring new technology and promotion of pickleball around the world. With such an exceptional player partnership the future is one step closer.  

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