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JOOLA USAP Press Release

Official JOOLA Gen3 Update as of May 24, 2024

We want to keep our customers and partners updated on the progress with USA Pickleball (USAP) regarding our Gen3 paddles being reinstated to the Approved Paddles list. Our goal is to minimize disruption and reach a resolution on the issue for our customers, partners, and the pickleball community.   

Immediately upon being informed of USAP’s decision to remove its Gen3 paddles from the Approved Paddles list on May 15, 2024, we have worked quickly and meticulously to follow the guidelines as presented by USAP to recertify our Gen3 paddles. We want to acknowledge that the de-listing was due to an incorrect submission by JOOLA as part of the similarity testing protocols. We emphasize our confidence that the Gen3 paddles are compliant with USAP standards.

On May 17, 2024, we re-filed our Gen3 paddles for expedited testing and confirmed all relevant paperwork and paddles were received by USAP. Despite processing our expedited testing fee payment last week, we received a communication from USAP earlier today (May 24, 2024), informing us they were unable to expedite testing and are not able, at this point, to provide confirmation regarding the timeline of when the testing process will be completed.  

JOOLA firmly maintains that the Gen3 paddles on the market are materially the same as models approved by USAP in September 2023 and looks forward to a resolution on the issue from USAP. We will continue to keep you informed and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this has presented.


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