JOOLA North American Teams Championships 2021 to live stream table tennis in Mixed Reality powered by OSAI


The 23rd annual JOOLA North American Teams Championships (Teams) will be live-streamed in Mixed Reality from November 26th – 28th. The collaboration between JOOLA, the tournament sponsor, and OSAI, an AI-powered Mixed Reality solution, unlocks an immersive viewing experience for all table tennis fans.

This year’s Teams features a 3-day long live stream of all the matches. This is one of the first table tennis events to feature remote production combined with Mixed Reality. The event is to be streamed on JOOLA Global’s YouTube channel and all-new JOOLA Infinity app. Real-time Mixed Reality allows JOOLA to step outside of the traditional sponsorship toolkit and activate its sponsorship in an innovative and contextual way.

Richard Lee, President of JOOLA, stated, “We are committed to the sport of table table tennis and to delivering the best-in-class table tennis equipment and experiences to our customers. Working with OSAI on the Mixed Reality live stream of Teams helps us to take table tennis viewing to the next level. Real-time Mixed Reality allows us to engage table tennis fans with live exclusive insights and attract new audiences with immersive, digitally-native content that explains the game and gets them excited about the sport. Crucially, we are able to produce the event remotely.”

OSAI powers the entire remote production of JOOLA Teams streaming, delivering an end-to-end solution that includes broadcast-quality video, commentary, Mixed Reality, and analytics. OSAI aims to turn every match of the JOOLA North American Teams Championships into an immersive and engaging experience for both the viewers and the players.

“We are thrilled to partner with JOOLA and deliver cutting-edge viewing experiences to all Teams followers. OSAI Mixed Reality enters the USA market with a strong case of remote virtual production of one of the leading table tennis events in the country. OSAI uses Computer Vision and AI to collect & analyze performance data that is then transformed into immersive animations. Combing live data with sports entertainment means that OSAI live streaming engages all segments of fans and unlocks new digital assets for sponsorship activations,” said Nish Sehgal, Global Managing Director of OSAI.

Real-time Mixed Reality by OSAI engages viewers with dynamic on-screen animations and deep game insights, otherwise unavailable to fans. The Teams live stream will include ball tracking, player positions, zones occupied, and ball speed – to name a few. 

About Teams:

The 23rd annual JOOLA North American Teams Championships is a USATT sanctioned 4-star event and will be held at the Gaylord National Resort in Washington, DC for the 6th year in a row. The always highly anticipated three-day competition boasts players from all over the US as well as entrants from around the world, giving players a chance to mingle and learn new techniques from a broader table tennis community. The tournament features a team component in an otherwise individual-focused sport in the US.

About JOOLA:

JOOLA has been a leader in table tennis since 1952. The global company offers a selection of premium quality table tennis equipment from tables to blades. JOOLA is also a proud sponsor of several major table tennis tournaments, including the JOOLA North American Teams Championships.

About OSAI:

OSAI is an AI-powered technology that unlocks real-time Mixed Reality video streaming for live sporting events. OSAI analyses the video feed to gather the performance data, analyze it and overlay the video with on-screen animations in real-time. Mixed Reality enhances the viewer experience with game insights, explanations and gamification. OSAI transforms the live streaming of sports, connecting the traditional broadcast with digital on-demand culture.

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