Talkin’ Smash Ep6: Ryan Willard’s Thoughts on the Live Atmosphere at Table Tennis Events

Table Tennis Event Host, Ryan Willard, is the guest on Episode 6 of Talkin' Smash!

The live atmosphere at table tennis events is a hot topic and has been for many years now. Many consider that table tennis audiences are growing digitally, but live audiences are declining. In Episode 6 of Talkin’ Smash I brought back my good friend Ryan Willard. Ironically we staged this podcast on the center court at the JOOLA North American Team Championships. 167 tables and hundreds of players competing in the background. The perfect environment for the topic.

We are both extremely passionate about table tennis events. Ryan as an MC/Host and Commentator and genuine enthusiast. Me, on the other hand, someone with a million opinions and no shame sharing them.

I opened the conversation speaking about how difficult it was as an MC to be at an event where there are no spectators. We also touched on why table tennis events don’t succeed to get people through the door. We both know that the sport is awesome, we know that people love it when they see it for the first time. So why do people not want to come and watch table tennis?

Most of the focus in the sport tends to be on the court. We see now, especially with WTT events, the walling off of the main court from the spectator stands to focus on digital livestream presentation. I asked Ryan what he thought would be the best areas to focus in order to build successful live table tennis events. He gave me his top 5 priorities if he were organizing a table tennis event.

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