Talkin’ Smash Ep8: Dan Ives Talks the Evolution of TableTennisDaily

Dan Ives of TableTennisDaily and Matt Hetherington join together for an episode of the Talkin' Smash podcast

TableTennisDaily is one of the biggest community and content brands in the sport of table tennis. Established as a small YouTube channel and diehard forum over a dozen years ago, by Founder Daniel Ives, TTDaily has become a brand that all table tennis players know and love, to every far reach of the globe.

In this podcast we went all the way back to the early days. We talked about where the inspiration came from for several of the bigger ideas Dan has had. This included forming his own team, super league, and establishing his own HQ building. It is now the first PingPod in Europe.

It was great to delve into the mind of one of the most consistently strong content creators in table tennis. Learning more about his hard work ethic and his compulsion to develop wild ideas into reality, no matter the workload, is one of the most impressive things about Dan. This is one of the main reasons TableTennisDaily has continued to grow and expand.

As always when me and Dan get together there are plenty of laughs, old memories and cheeky jokes. Beyond that is a shared passion for table tennis that connected us both to each other almost 13 years ago when TTD was still in its infancy.

This podcast was an absolute pleasure for me and I look forward to the next one with Dan soon!

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