Talkin’ Smash Podcast Ep1: Ryan Willard’s Introduction to Pro Table Tennis

Talkin' Smash Podcast Episode 1 with Ryan Willard

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Talkin’ Smash Podcast powered by JOOLA! Host Matt Hetherington is joined by one of the recognizable faces in US Table Tennis – Ryan Willard. 

Commonly seen as an MC/Host and Commentator, Ryan’s journey in the sport spans from being first exposed to the sport at SPiN New York, all the way to hosting the World Table Tennis Championships. 

Matt delves into table tennis through the eyes of a newcomer, and what the sport has to offer that it should capitalize on through promotion more. 

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About the Talkin’ Smash Podcast:

Join host Matt Hetherington as he talks a wide range of topics in table tennis with expert guests. From training habits to mental health and career advice, this is the Talkin’ Smash Podcast powered by JOOLA!

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