Talkin’ Smash Podcast Ep2: Lily Zhang’s Pros and Cons of Training at Home vs. Abroad

Podcast with guest Lily Zhang

A pleasure to be joined by Team JOOLA’s 3-time US Olympian Lily Zhang! Lily talks about the decision making processes when choosing between training full time overseas, and for training at home.

A great podcast that touches on the different challenges of moving out of your comfort zone to pursue improvement in table tennis. From loneliness to the weight of expectation, the pros and cons considered. An honest contrast and comparison to the perceptions of what is often considered the table tennis dream.

Lily also touches on the mental health considerations which drove her decision to move back and settle in the United States once again to continue her professional table tennis career training at home.

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About the Talkin’ Smash Podcast:

Join host Matt Hetherington as he talks a wide range of topics in table tennis with expert guests. From training habits to mental health and career advice, this is the Talkin’ Smash Podcast powered by JOOLA!

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